World Class Sensory Lab Solution: Flexible enough to launch a lab. Powerful enough to streamline panel efficiency.

Compusense® five is a robust, trusted sensory software solution that gives you the flexibility to create your first lab. Yet with its powerful features you can customize your tests and make panel training more cost-effective and efficient. Simply install it on your local area network, and in no time flat, you’ll be running tests. Now, imagine having the power to cut your panelist training times in half. With Compusense’s FCM® (Feedback Calibration Method), exclusive to Compusense five, you’ll have access to a state-of-the-art tool that’s ideal for panelist training, calibration and performance management.

Plus, because it’s designed for sensory specialists, Compusense five’s intuitive design interface makes it simple to conduct a test, right from the planning stage through to results analysis. Not only that, it’s easier than ever to replicate your tests and you can count on Compusense five to deliver immediate access to trusted, actionable results. As an industry leader, in sensory software and testing for over 25 years, we’re committed to leveraging the world’s best sensory science knowledge to keep our clients at the forefront of their field.


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