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About Compusense

Vibrant, passionate and committed to your success.

Comprised of over 40 individuals with diverse skillsets and experiences, one thing unites the Compusense team: a sincere commitment to helping our clients succeed.

With backgrounds in sensory and consumer research, as well as statistics, food science, psychology, sociology and behavioural sciences, the Compusense team has the ability to anticipate your requirements – and the expert know-how to make it happen.




Christopher James Findlay, PhD, CFS

As the Chairman, founder and architect of Compusense, Chris provides a lifetime worth of skill and experience in the sensory and consumer science field. Founding Compusense in 1986, Chris has been an active participant and promoter to the growth of the sensory and consumer science community.  From the beginning, he has been committed to “good science” and has always been reluctant to support dubious sensory methods. In the early days of temporal research, Chris and his colleagues pioneered dual-attribute time intensity and also developed the Feedback Calibration Method for training proficient descriptive analysis panelists—a method that continues to save clients valuable time and budget.

As the company continued to rapidly grow, Chris began to teach Sensory Evaluation at the University of Guelph in the Department of Food Science. During this time, his students would complete their labs at Compusense and gain real-world experience working in a sensory lab.  Chris continues to hold Graduate Faculty appointments in both Food Science and Maths and Statistics.

While teaching, and to this day, Chris remains active and committed to the organizations in the sensory and consumer science field. In 2011 he received the Inaugural Sensory and Consumer Sciences Achievement award from IFT in recognition of his commitment. He is also active in ASTM E-18 and was a founder of the Society of Sensory Professionals. In 2008, Chris had the honour of chairing the 9th Sensometrics Meeting at Brock University and was also one of chairs for the 9th Pangborn Meeting held in Toronto in 2011.

In 2017, ASTM International Committee E18 presented Chris with the David R. Peryam Award in recognition of his outstanding commitment to the field of sensory science. 

Chris enjoys the ability to conduct independent research with talented and generous collaborators from around the globe, continuing to contribute to the ever-expanding community of sensory and consumer science. 

Karen is President and has been working with Compusense since 1992. Her responsibilities include operational areas of business management, administration and finance, and all aspects of Compusense Sensory Services.

Karen’s background, training and expertise include learner centred skill acquisition, cognitive based training (CBT), and modality based learning styles. She is currently studying mindful leadership strategies and techniques.

When Karen escapes the demands of the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and immersing herself in following new food trends, gourmet cooking and practising yoga. Karen’s passion for cooking and entertaining results in many a gathering at her home for fun, food and wine delights.

A lover and ardent supporter of the arts, Karen is often seen attending community fundraising events that include auctions of the works of local artists. Many of the beautiful pieces of art found hanging on the walls of the Compusense office are attestations to the treasures found by Karen at these events and her ongoing support of various community charity initiatives.

Take a moment, breathe. What is needed right now?


Karen Phipps, MEd


John Castura
VP Innovation, Research
& Development

John Castura is the VP Innovation, Research & Development at Compusense Inc. His responsibilities include software development and research. Research interests include sensory method development and evaluation, including rapid and efficient sensory methods, temporal sensory methods, sensory discrimination testing, and sensometric applications. His academic background includes a specialized undergraduate degree in Zoology (University of Guelph), an undergraduate certificate in Computing & Information Systems (Athabasca University), a graduate certificate in Applied Statistics (Colorado State University), and a Master's degree in Statistics (University of Guelph).

John developed a taste for sensory evaluation as a trained Scotch whisky panelist on a descriptive sensory panel. He now has more than 15 years' experience in the field, and is an increasingly active contributor. He has several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. He has given numerous oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings, as well as invited talks, seminars, and tutorials.

John performs reviews for several peer-reviewed journals and serves on the Food Quality and Preference editorial board. He was elected Chair of the Sensometric Society (2016-2020). He serves on ASTM Committee E18 Sensory Evaluation, where he chairs the Equivalence workgroup, and on ASTM Committee E11 Quality and Statistics. He is a professional member of the Institute of Food Technologists and a member of the American Statistical Association. Previously, he served as Member At Large of the Society of Sensory Professionals Executive Committee 2014-2016, Vice-Chair of the Sensometric Society (2010-2014), and was the Scientific Committee chair of the Sensometrics 2014 meeting.

Monica is the Vice President Operations and Finance and has been with Compusense since 1993. In her role, Monica oversees all operational and administrative support functions throughout Compusense. Monica acquired her diploma in Materials Management from Conestoga College and her Bachelor of Business Administration from Athabasca University. In her spare time, Monica loves to travel.


Monica Healey
Vice President, Operations & Finance

Client Success
Client Success Account Management 


Jacqueline Dysart
Director, Client Success

Jacqueline is the Director of Client Success and has been with Compusense since 2007. In her role, Jacqueline oversees the Client Success team. She works closely with clients to assist with test development, one-on-one support, and helps clients utilize our software to achieve their sensory and consumer goals. Jacqueline attended the University of Guelph where she earned her B.Sc. in Physical Sciences with a minor in Computer Science. Outside of Compusense, Jacqueline loves a variety of sports, including baseball, golf, and hockey.

Miranda is a Client Success Account Manager and has been with Compusense since 2012. As part of the Client Success team, she works closely with our clients to discover their sensory objectives to help define and achieve successful outcomes. Miranda earned her Honours BA from the University of Guelph in European Studies. She has a true passion for travelling; she worked for a year in France and also spent a year studying in Spain and exploring Europe. She also has a love of languages and speaks Spanish, French, and is currently learning Dutch.


Miranda Kuijper-Robb
Client Success Account Manager


Peter Love
Client Success Account Manager 

Peter is the Technical Manager and has been with Compusense since Spring 2009. In his role, Peter oversees all functions within the Technical Support Team to ensure clients receive prompt, accurate, and friendly software support. Peter graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc.(Eng) in Engineering Systems and Computing. As a self-proclaimed outdoorsman and adventurer, Peter can often be found rock climbing, canoeing/portaging in the northern Canadian wilderness, or playing pond hockey.

Tiffany is a Client Success Account Manager and has been with Compusense since 2012. As part of the Client Success team, she works directly with clients to discover needs, solutions, and successful results. Tiffany graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA in Business where she specialized in Hospitality and Tourism Management. In her spare time Tiffany loves baking and decorating delicious cakes and often shares her newest creations with the office.


Tiffany Redwood
Client Success Account Manager


Radmila Stupar
Senior Support Specialist 

Radmila is a member of the Client Success team as a Senior Support Specialist and has been with Compusense since 2007. In her role, she assists clients technical inquires, and helps to ensure their daily software use is consistent and efficient. Radmila received her Computer Programmer/Analyst Diploma and Technical Writer Cerificate, both from Conestoga College. In her spare time, Radmila loves reading, gardening, music, woodworking and has a passion for art. She especially enjoys spending time with her family. 

Client Success
Client Advisors

With Compusense since 1999, Mark has had a front row seat in the growth and development of Compusense’s software for over 15 years. In his role of Senior Client Advisor, Mark works with current and potential clients to understand their Sensory and Consumer data collection needs. Mark earned his A.O.C.A from the Ontario College of Art, followed by BA from the University of Guelph. Mark has a passion for travel and enjoys the opportunity to meet Compusense clients around the globe.  


Mark Laird
Senior Client Advisor


Ryan Corrick
Client Advisor 

Ryan is a Client Advisor and has been with Compusense since July 2014. In his role, Ryan works with prospective clients to help determine their sensory and consumer software needs and objectives. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he earned his degree in Marketing Management. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing a variety of sports throughout the seasons including golf, hockey, volleyball and basketball.

Client Success

With Compusense since 2010, Ty works alongside the Technical Support team in the role of Senior Technical Support Specialist. In his role, he acts as the primary contact for Compusense five and Compusense Cloud client support and inquiries. Ty graduated from Conestoga College in Business Administration and Management. As an avid golfer, if the sun is shining, you’re likely to find him on the green for a round of 9 holes or spending time with his family.


Ty Chisholm
Senior Technical Support Specialist


Kelly Nagelmakers
Client Success Specialist 

Kelly joined Compusense in June 2017 in the role of Technical Support Specialist where she works one-on-one with Compusense Cloud users to provide prompt and proactive technical support. Kelly is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she earned her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing Management. Outside of the office, Kelly loves to keep active and enjoys hiking and coaching soccer.

Kevin joined Compusense in June 2017 in the role of Technical Support Specialist. He works closely with the rest of the Technical team to help find solutions to clients' technical inquires on a daily basis. Kevin earned his BA in English from the  University of Guelph, followed by a certificate in Marketing Management from Ryerson University. Outside of the office he enjoys playing boardgames, catching the newest release on Netflix, and spending time with his family and dog.


Kevin Veilleux
Client Success Specialist 

Product Management

Sean Yo Pic.png

Sean Yo
Product Manager 

Sean Yo is Compusense’s Principal Product Manager, joining our team in 2018. Sean leads product strategy and works across all of the teams at Compusense to make sure we’re delivering the right product for our current and future customers. Sean graduated with a BA in English and an MA in Digital Media Studies, both from University of Guelph. Sean loves playing ice hockey which he is just learning, plays the guitar, is learning the ukulele and is a sucker for cool t-shirts and funky mugs. Most of all, Sean loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

Sensory Services

Lis is the Manager of the Sensory Services team and has been with Compusense since 2007. In her role, she manages and supervises all functions of the Sensory team, which includes managing and directing trained and consumer panels in the Compusense lab. Lis earned her B.Sc. from University of Toronto, specializing in Nutrition and Food Science. Lis has a passion for food; she loves experimenting in the kitchen and even earned her Grand Diplôme from Le Cordon Bleu.


Lis Valeriote
Manager, Sensory Services 


Juan Du, CFS
Sensory Technologist  

Juan has been with Compusense for over three years in the role of Sensory Technologist. In her role she works with the Sensory Services team to screen and schedule panelists, develop Compusense Cloud questionnaires, analyze collected results and administer sensory and consumer tests. Juan is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she earned a B.Sc. in Food Science. She is also a CFS (Certified Food Scientist), having earned her credentials in May 2017. Juan's passion for food extends outside of the walls of Compusense. She completed the required culinary courses to earn her Culinary Arts Certificate from George Brown College.

Joining Compusense’s Sensory team in 2012 as a Sensory Technologist, Pamela conducts and analyses the results of Compusense’s trained descriptive panels and consumer studies. Pamela brings valuable knowledge and experience, having graduated from Ryerson University with a B.Sc in Public Health and Safety. She is a sports lover and enjoys playing and watching baseball and hockey. 


Pamela Wigglesworth
Sensory Technologist 


Sara King
Research Associate 

Sara joined the Compusense team in January 2015 as a Research Associate. In her role, Sara works closely with the Sensory Services department as well as Chairman, Chris Findlay, and VP of Innovation, R&D, John Castura, helping to continue to foster Compusense's commitment to research in Sensory and Consumer Science. Sara received her Bachelor of Science and a minor in French and Biology from the University of Waterloo in 2009, followed by her Masters of Medical Sciences with a Specialization in Applied Public Health Nutrition from Karolinska Institute of Stockholm, Sweden. Sara is an avid world traveller and global volunteer and has lived in France, Sweden and Honduras. Sara also has a passion for languages and speaks French, Swedish and Spanish fluently. 


Mackenzie joined the Compusense Development team in October 2013 in the role of Front End Developer. Mackenzie earned his diploma in Multimedia Production & Development from Fanshawe College and brings his exceptional skills in web design, coding and programming to Compusense. His role involves assisting with the design and functionality of the Compusense Cloud software as well as Cloud client websites. Outside of Compusense, Mackenzie is a proud new father of two beautiful twin girls and can always be found cheering on his favourite hockey team, The Montreal Canadiens. 


Mackenzie Armstrong
Senior Front-End Developer 

Adam Bollinger
Junior .NET Developer

Adam is a Junior .NET Developer at Compusense. In his role, Adam helps the Development team in developing and maintaining the Compusense Cloud software. Adam graduated from the University of Guelph where he earned his B.Comp in Computer Science with a minor in Zoology. Outside of the office, his hobbies include keeping active through sports, hiking, and rock climbing as well as more creative activities including crochet and calligraphy. Adam also enjoys travelling and spent a year in Switzerland studying and exploring Europe.

James, Senior Architect & .NET Developer, has been with Compusense since 2005. As a valued member of the Development team, James’ role involves the programming and development of the Compusense Cloud software, including new features and software functionalities. James graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Programming and Mathematics from McMaster University. James also has a love for food. He attended George Brown College for Italian Culinary Arts and even spent three months training in Italy as a chef.


James Castura
Senior Architect / .NET Developer 


Matt Erickson
.NET Developer

Matt is a .NET Developer at Compusense and has been with the company since early 2016. In his role, Matt supports the Development team in developing and maintaining the Compusense Cloud software. Matt graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University where he earned his Honours B.Sc in Computer Science. Outside of the office, he can often be found playing video games, watching e-sports and watching documentaries.

Mike is the Development Team Lead/Applications Developer at Compusense and has been with the company since June 2014. He works alongside the Development Team to develop and maintain Compusense Cloud software and acts as an internal technical resource. Outside of Compusense, Mike enjoys playing in a variety of intramural leagues around Guelph and is a music enthusiast. You’ll likely find him at various concerts with his wife and friends. 


Mike Fleming
Development Team Lead/
Applications Developer 


Stephen Given
Applications Developer 

Stephen is the Applications Developer at Compusense and has been with the company since 2007. In the role, Stephen works with the Development team to develop and maintain Compusense Cloud, Compusense five software and its related products. He plays an active role on the Compusense social committee, organizing charitable office initiatives and social activities for the Compusense team and their families. As a proud Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Stephen can always be seen wearing blue during playoff season.

Tim, Software Application Manager, began at Compusense in 2013. In his role, Tim works with the Development team to build and deploy the Compusense Cloud application, monitor the production environment and acts as a technical liaison between departments. Tim earned his B.Math in Computer Science and Statistic and his BA in Geography from the University of Waterloo. His primary hobby is with the local theatre community. He can often be found behind the scenes producing, managing or directing productions in the Waterloo and Wellington regions. He is also an organizer for the Waterloo-Wellington IT Pro Users’ Group. 


Tim Jackson
Software Application Manager


Philip Kingston
Development Team Lead/
Application Developer

Philip, Development Team Lead/Applications Developer, began at Compusense in February 2016. In his role, he works with the Development team to develop and maintain the Compusense Cloud software. Philip earned a B.Sc in Compusense Science from the University of Waterloo. Outside of the office, Philip likes to keep active playing a variety of team sports.

Tim joined the Compusense team in early 2018 as a Junior Front End Developer. He first completed his post-secondary education at Sheridan College for Business Administration, before returning in 2014 for Internet Applications and Web Development at St Clair College in Windsor. His role includes customizing client Cloud websites and modifying the functionality of the Compusense Cloud software. Outside of Compusense, Tim enjoys playing hockey, video games, and drums in several bands.

Tim Paty
Junior Front End Developer


Minh Truong
Statistics .NET Developer 

Minh is the Statistics .NET Developer at Compusense and has been with the company since 2013. In his position, Minh develops statistical analysis solutions, UI design and assists in developing and maintaining all components of the Compusense Cloud software. Minh attended the University of Guelph where he earned his Honours B.Comp., followed by his M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence. Minh enjoys playing piano and Go, an ancient Chinese board game.

Brandon, Director of Software Development, has been with Compusense since 2008. Leading the Compusense Cloud Development team, Brandon manages and oversees all Compusense Cloud tasks, including software maintenance and the development of new features and functionalities. Brandon graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Comp. and a minor in Business Administration. He is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic, as both player and spectator. He especially loves baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, golf and playing outfield for the Compusense Slo Pitch team.


Brandon Turgeon
Director of Software Development


Alex Kostin
Manager, Software as a Service

Alex joined the Compusense team April 2016. In his role as Database Developer/Administrator, Alex works alongside our SaaS team maintaining Compusense Cloud client databases. He is a graduate of Kiev University, located in Kiev, Ukraine, where he earned his degree in Computers and Electronics. In his spare time, he enjoys being outside where he can indulge in one of his favourite hobbies, flying remote controlled planes.

Terry joined Compusense in 2001 and is currently in the role of Database Developer/Administrator. In his role, Terry is responsible for the installation, maintenance and performance of the production databases, all Compusense Cloud SaaS application installations, database development for new software features. He is also responsible for keeping the staff's bellies full running the office Tuck Shop. Terry obtained his B.E.S. from the University of Waterloo, followed by his M.Sc. from Dalhousie University. Outside of the office, Terry has an eclectic array of hobbies, including botany, hiking, biking, tai chi and writing science fiction and fantasy novels.


Terry Grignon
Database Developer / Administrator

Allan Harder
SaaS Network & System Administrator

Allan joined the Compusense team in 2017. In his role as SaaS Network & System Administrator, Allan works alongside our SaaS team ensuring the Compusense Cloud environment is operating at its finest. He earned his B.Sc. in Computers Science at Brock University. When the work day is done, Allan loves cycling, reading, and taking an active learn-by-doing approach to fun DIY projects such as woodworking, costume-making, and micro-computing.




Kendra Horst
Manager, Operations Systems


Trina Burt
Manager, Operations Team


Sabrina Headley
Operations Administrative Assistant 


Carrie Costa
Operations Administrative Support






Heather Schirmer
Operations Administrative Assistant 


Sarah Yip Choy
Operations Administrative Assistant 



Our trusted, trained panelists

For over 20 years we have trained hundreds of panelists for sensory analysis panels. Many of them have more than a decade of experience working on our panels and are a proud part of the Compusense community.