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Compusense five

A world-class sensory lab solution

Cost-effective and robust, Compusense five is sensory evaluation software that allows you to conduct a comprehensive test, right from the planning stage through to analyzing and reporting your results. Simply install it on your local area network (LAN) to start running tests that yield reliable, repeatable results.

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What’s required?

Compusense five System Requirements

Fast track panel training and boost productivity

Flexible enough to launch a lab. Powerful enough to streamline panel efficiency.

  • Cut panel training time in half with Compusense FCM® (feedback calibration method), exclusive to Compusense
  • Quickly create tests with Compusense five’s intuitive, step-by-step interface
  • Successfully present multiple projects with Compusense five Plus

Make qualified decisions for your business

Make strides before your product goes to market with scientific analysis tools and features.

  • Conduct concept tests to direct innovative product development efforts
  • Control blinding codes and mask product identity with experimental design
  • Leverage randomization features to reduce bias

Take advantage of unparalleled technical support and training

  • Expert technical support and training included with every install
  • Reliable, unlimited assistance via phone, email and web
  • Access to applicable software upgrades

What more can Compusense five do?

Download the features sheet to learn how Compusense five can meet your business needs.

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