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Test Better

Slash costs and accelerate consumer studies

Consumer testing integrated with Compusense Cloud recruitment and scheduling

The Sensory Challenge

Consumer testing provides confidence in your product and in your market. But if you get the recruit wrong, it’s worthless. The quality of data from consumer research is dependent on getting the recruit right in the first place. We must have confidence in our consumers, what they purchase and their usage behaviour.

A well-recruited database of 5000+ consumers provides a solid base for selection of panelists. Typically consumer panels are comprised of 100 category or brand consumers. Using antiquated methods, 100 panelists would require up to 60 hours of recruitment, interviewing, selecting and scheduling, largely by telephone.

The Sensory Solution: Compusense Cloud’s Scheduling Tool

An online screener, using Compusense Cloud, is the first step in qualifying respondents that meet the test’s demographic quotas and takes only minutes to complete. By using quotas, only as many consumers as necessary will complete the test, keeping costs and the number of required samples down. Qualified consumers are then able to immediately book their own time slot to participate in the product test using the scheduling tool. If for some reason a panelist can no longer make their original appointment, individuals can return and reschedule themselves in a new time slot. Even if a weather event delays a panel, the notification and rescheduling are handled by Compusense Cloud.

Real Results

Using Compusense Cloud, recruitment, screening and scheduling of 100 panelists can be completed in less than 2 hours, translating into a 97 per cent reduction in labour. This new approach results in saving the equivalent of about 2 weeks of work and knocks a week off the project timeline. Now, when a panel is initiated on a Monday, it can be running on Wednesday of the same week. Before, it was a scramble to set up a panel for the middle of the following week. The Compusense Cloud approach to recruiting and scheduling can save thousands of dollars off the cost of a panel and deliver results in half the time. Real efficiency!

Key Takeaways

  • Reduce total recruiting, screening and scheduling time by 97 per cent
  • Decrease total project timeline by up to one week
  • Increase efficiency
  • Project completion on time and under budget