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Product Packaging and Concept Testing

 What is Packaging Testing?

  • Packaging testing allows you to find out how your consumers feel about an existing or new package.

  • Packaging is essential to the success of any product and testing can make the difference between an expensive failure or a big win.

What is Concept Testing?

  • In a similar way, concept testing allows you to find out how your consumers feel about ideas that relate to your product or brand.

  • These includes advertising, product imagery and messaging, and even more about your product or brand.


Why Use Packaging and Concept Testing?
  • Gather key insights from your target consumers that will help you make smarter business decisions.

  • Prevent costly product failures due to packaging or concepts that miss the mark.

Using Compusense Cloud for Packaging and Concept Testing

With Compusense Cloud you can…

  • Involve your consumers and employees in the product development cycle, or when you are considering making important changes.

  • Determine whether you should take your concept to the next phase or return to the ‘drawing board’.

  • Incorporate images and videos to create fun and engaging tests that keep panelists engaged. 

Case Study


A large flavours and seasonings company needed a way to gain consumer insight on new product and flavour names.


The client required a large number of quality results on a limited budget.


  • The client already had a large number of people in their panelist database.

  • The client created a short, yet engaging, concept test and sent it to their entire panelist database in Compusense Cloud.


  • Consumers were able to complete the concept test from the comfort of home.

  • The client gathered high-quality and meaningful data on potential new flavours and product names.

  • This allowed them to go in to the product marketing stage with confidence. 


    Click to view an example packaging/concept test in Compusense Cloud