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Panel Recruitment and Scheduling 

Watch Test Better: Scheduling

Case Study 


Compusense’s Sensory Department wanted a more efficient and cost-effective panel recruiting solution for their clients.


  • Previously, a typical recruit of 100 panelists took up to 60 hours of work from panel leaders, recruiters and the sensory staff.

  • This included interviewing, selecting and scheduling – primarily by phone!


  • Potential panelists were sent an online screener questionnaire.

  • Using Quotas, they were able to recruit an evenly distributed demographic of consumers.

  • When accepted, panelists selected their preferred testing time.


  • Recruitment, screening and scheduling 100 panelists is now completed in less than 2 hours.

  • A 97% reduction in labour.

  • Reduced project timeline by 1 week.

  • Huge savings in time, resources and budget.

What is Panel Recruitment?

Finding the right respondents for your test that will allow you to discover meaningful, actionable answers.

Compusense Scheduling for Panel Recruitment

With Compusense Cloud you can…

  • Recruit panels of any size using a pre-screener questionnaire.

  • Find the exact consumer segment you need without sifting through pages of data!

  • Offer flexibility – let panelists choose the test time that works best for them!