Post-conference updates:
  • Slides from oral presentations can be found on the 9th Sensometrics talks page hosted by the Sensometric Society.
  • Archived webcasts from the conference are available for online viewing from the Program link.
  • The Sensometrics 2008 conference program and abstract book is available for download (5.4 MB).
  • The next meeting of the Sensometric Society will be held in Rotterdam (25-28 July 2010). For more information, visit the conference page at 2010 Sensometrics Meeting: Past, Present, Future.
Sensometrics is the scientific area that applies mathematical and statistical methods to problems from sensory and consumer science.

The main aims of the Sensometrics conference are:
  • To increase the awareness of the special methodologies and statistical methods used in analysis of sensory and consumer science data
  • To improve the communication and co-operation between persons interested in the scientific principles, methods and applications of sensometrics
  • To serve as an interdisciplinary meeting to disseminate scientific knowledge on the field of sensometrics
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