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Compusense Cloud

Sensory Evaluation Software


Reach consumers
on a global scale

With Compusense Cloud, our innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), insights are at your fingertips. Remove global barriers, conduct tests in any language and experience the freedom of making true, real-world comparisons across consumer segments no matter where your consumers are, whether next door or halfway around the world.

  • Make qualified business decisions
  • Increase productivity and facilitate collaboration
  • Engage consumers and gain reliable data

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Increase productivity and collaboration

Streamline workflows and create efficiencies while generating reliable, repeatable results.

  • Run questionnaires with different experimental designs and samples within the same test
  • Save tests, questions and attributes to shared libraries
  • Preview tests to optimize language, attributes and design

Make qualified decisions for your business

Make strides before your product goes to market with scientific analysis tools and features.

  • Conduct concept tests to direct innovative product development efforts
  • Control blinding codes and mask product identity with experimental design
  • Create adaptive questionnaires with intuitive question connections

Engage your consumer

Appeal to your panel on multiple levels to ensure you receive accurate and credible results.

  • Significantly reduce recruiting time by screening and schedule your panelists through email and integrated messaging
  • Personalize questionnaires with logos, images, sound, videos and rich text
  • Track completed questionnaires and reward your panelists

Guarantee quality control

Maintain strong product integrity with reliable quality control measures.

  • Ensure product quality and consistency at each stage of production
  • Test quality control directly off the line to improve production efficiency
  • Quickly identify defects that can compromise product performance